Friday, 1 July 2011

2011 Interval Awards - the rest

And last but by no means least, a lot of random stuff that has just made me happy during the first six months of 2011 theatre-going goshdarnit.

Favourite costume (partial) - the King of France's shoes, All's Well That Ends Well (Shakespeare's Globe)
Fabulous purple brocade shoes! Totally worth standing right next to the stage for; sure, sometimes the actors got too tall to concentrate on their faces, but with such wonderful shoes on display, how could I be disappointed?

Favourite costume (whole) - Cleo's red dress, Rocket to the Moon
Jessica Raine (Cleo)'s first entrance in this play saw her breezing in wearing a beautiful red dress with a swishy skirt and lovely lines that unfortunately was then removed and not seen again for the rest of the play. If I could have any item of clothing I've seen at the theatre this year for my own, it would be this.

Favourite choreography - Betty Blue Eyes (Novello)
It's not the danciest show but when they do dance, it's great! From the significant madness of 'Painting by Heart' to the showy glamour of 'Nobody' to the exuberant rug-cutting in the Primrose Ballroom to the delightfully arch and angular movement of 'It's an Ill Wind', it does the job spiffingly well and is a delight to watch.

Favourite make-up - Emperor and Galilean (National Theatre)
Okay, um... I love blood in shows. If a show uses tons of blood, then it's a basic and very visual indicator that, to that company, entertaining and convincing the audience is far more important than doing the laundry afterwards. Also, it's just cool. It takes a lot of gore to gross me out in a play, but Emperor and Galilean managed it. First, Gregory was whipped. And then Gregory was blinded. And then Gregory was brought on stage. And THEN Gregory grossed me out. No spoilers, but it was grotesque in the extreme.

Favourite fight scene swordplay - Doctor Faustus (Shakespeare's Globe)
I love sword fights in shows too. But I haven't actually seen any fights so far this year I loved a great deal. I did, however, love the Wrath section of the Seven Deadly Sins scene. There was something insanely eerily beautiful about Felix Scott purposefully wielding a pair of swords with castmates standing immediately behind him doing the same. Only a short moment, but one that'll stick with me in the years to come.

Favourite kiss - Much Ado About Nothing (Shakespeare's Globe)
Oh my goodness, when Beatrice and Benedick finally kissed, it was so perfect that I actually cried. God bless you, Eve Best and Charles Edwards.

Favourite poster - Cause Célèbre (Old Vic)
I felt a bit sad that at no point during the play did Anne-Marie Duff don a beautiful red dress. However, she wore such a beautiful red dress on the poster, that I ultimately didn't actually mind that much. (Hey, I like beautiful red dresses, okay?)

Favourite front of house experience - Orange Tree/Royal Shakespeare Theatre
I had a special couple of days earlier this month. I arrived late to the Orange Tree in Richmond and was not expecting to be allowed in until the interval. However, I was met in the foyer by a lovely man who was waiting so he could escort me quietly through a staff-only area to the upstairs standing room. I ultimately only missed a few minutes of the beginning, and it was wondrous. The very next day, I went to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and proceeded to lose my car-key at the interval. Thanks to the very kind staff and their highly efficient radio system, I was able to regain my key almost as quickly as I lost it. So thanks a million to the Orange Tree and the RSC! You are all very professional and kind and helpful!

Favourite social media - Shakespeare's Globe
@The_Globe. It's the best damn Twitter account out there! Combining the PR with the personal, opening conversation, answering questions, sharing pictures, information, and news. The Twitter team at the Globe are the best, no contest.

Favourite animal cast member - Maureen, The Heretic (Royal Court)
You will never see a finer stuffed polar bear in a play. EVER.

Favourite use of a non-guitar fretted stringed instrument - Three Farces (Orange Tree)
There was a ukulele. Played by a magnificently ginger bearded man. There was singing between farces. It was GLORIOUS. There's not been much banjo this year, but there has been some sterling ukulele work.

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