Sunday, 16 October 2016

Last 10 things seen at the theatre: #098

24th September to 15th October.

List the last 10 things you saw at the theatre in order:
1. A Man of Good Hope (Young Vic)
2. Father Comes Home from the Wars (Parts 1, 2 & 3) (Royal Court)
3. Imogen (Shakespeare's Globe)
4. Floyd Collins (Wilton's Music Hall)
5. Travesties (Menier Chocolate Factory)
6. The Complete Deaths (Shoreditch Town Hall)
7. La Fille mal gardée (Royal Opera House)
8. Doctor Faustus (Barbican)
9. Macbeth (Shakespeare's Globe)
10. Things I Know to be True (Lyric Hammersmith)

Who was the best performer in number one (A Man of Good Hope)?
On the one hand, Isango Ensemble. On the other hand though, Pauline Malefane...

Why did you go to see number two (Father Comes Home From the Wars (Parts 1, 2 & 3))?
I just like going to the Royal Court. Most of the stuff they produce is interesting, some of it is even good, and as long as they continue to have affordably priced seats, I'll continue going (to the Downstairs, anyway, I'm more or less done with Upstairs as a regular concern).

Can you remember a line/lyric from number three (Imogen) that you liked?
Is there an audience member alive whose soul did not soar at "kneel not to him!"? Nuts to the idiots who thought the text should have been left exactly as it was on the page.

What would you give number four (Floyd Collins) out of ten?
8? It's long been one of my most favourite shows and it was a very good production, well performed, though it didn't completely take off for me and I'm not entirely sure why.

Was there someone hot in number five (Travesties)?
Even though I carefully took some time before going in to reread some particularly scatological excerpts from James Joyce's love letters to Nora Barnacle, there is apparently nothing that can dampen my passion for Peter McDonald, so what can you do?

What was number six (The Complete Deaths) about?
Basically all the onstage deaths in the Shakespeare canon.

Who was your favourite actor in number seven (La Fille mal gardée)?
MY FAVOURITE PERFORMER IN LA FILLE MAL GARDÉE WAS OF COURSE NAUGHTY PEREGRINE. But actually I also thought Vadim Muntagirov and Paul Kay were superb too, as were Tristan Dyer, Meaghan Grace Hinkis, Anna Rose O'Sullivan, Romany Pajdak, and Gemma Pitchley-Gale as the DANCING COCKEREL + CHICKENS!

What was your favourite bit in number eight (Doctor Faustus)?
Well, not a "bit", so much, but I did like how inhuman most of the characters were. The only ones who really possessed any humanity were Faustus and Wagner (and maybe Helen), and everybody else seemed to be something else ENTIRELY. The chittering military types were a particular creepy favourite.

Would you see number nine (Macbeth) again?
It's probably my favourite (non-Punchdrunk) Macbeth I've ever seen, but it's still Macbeth, and I have seen it twice now, sooo...

What was the worst thing about number ten (Things I Know to be True)?
Beautifully directed and performed, there were nonetheless several aspects that ironically just didn't ring true, which perhaps could have been avoided had the writer not thought it so necessary to cram the piece with endless melodrama.

Which was best?
Probably La Fille mal gardée. Sometimes it's totally worth hopping on a bandwagon, even if it's not your usual theatrical medium of choice.

Which was worst?

Did any make you cry?
Imogen produced a tear or two, but sometimes I just don't cry as much as I do at other times.

Did any make you laugh?
Travesties probably did, and I'm sure La Fille mal gardée did too.

Which roles would you like to play in any of them?
I've always wanted to play a neurodivergent Adam Guettel soprano, so Nellie Collins is definitely way up there on the wishlist.

Which one did you have best seats for?
Totally smashed it with a terrific seat for Travesties, and definitely got the best possible seats for the price I was willing to pay for A Man of Good Hope and La Fille mal gardée (I nearly included Father Comes Home from the Wars here but actually if I'd been on the other side I'd've been able to see the musician's banjo whereas on the side I was sitting I could only really see his guitar, so it gets marked down a little for that).

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