Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Last 10 things seen at the theatre: #126

21st July to 4th August.

List the last 10 things you saw at the theatre in order:
1. Killer Joe (Trafalgar Studio 1)
2. Miss Littlewood (Swan Theatre)
3. Heathers The Musical (The Other Palace)
4. The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie (Donmar)
5. Genesis Inc (Hampstead Upstairs)
6. Lords And Ladies (Davenies)
7. The Merchant of Venice (Bodleian Library)
8. Hamlet (Shakespeare's Globe)
9. As You Like It (Shakespeare's Globe)
10. Pity (Royal Court Downstairs)

Who was the best performer in number one (Killer Joe)?
Sophie Cookson.

Why did you go to see number two (Miss Littlewood)?
Aside from it sounding interesting - come on, a musical about an influential woman from British theatrical history? What's not to love? - I had a £5 credit voucher from the RSC (and I have NO idea why) so I thought it would be jolly to trade it in for a standing space for this.

Can you remember a line/lyric from number three (Heathers The Musical) that you liked?
Although I did come out humming several of the numbers and took an uncomfortably long time to shake them from my mind, I don't think I have anything left in my brain that really fits the bill for this question.

What would you give number four (The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie) out of ten?
8 I think. Though 10 if we were judging it just by costumes.

Was there someone hot in number five (Genesis Inc)?
If we're being honest, I've had a soft spot for Arthur Darvill ever since he was going by the name Tom and announcing that Cardcaptors would be on after the ad break.

What was number six (Lords And Ladies) about?
Witches and elves and wizards and an orang-utan. Among other things.

Who was your favourite actor in number seven (The Merchant of Venice)?
It was a proper ensemble cast, I don't see how I'm meant to single one out when they were all so great.

What was your favourite bit in number eight (Hamlet)?
You've not really Hamleted until Hamlet herself sits down on the edge of the stage next to you and holds your hand while she "to be or not to be"s.

Would you see number nine (As You Like It) again?
If I had the time, I'd certainly consider it.

What was the worst thing about number ten (Pity)?
I was just very bored. I can cope with being a little bit bored, but being very bored is a terrible thing in a theatre.

Which was best?
Maybe The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie?

Which was worst?
It was largely well acted and genuinely beautifully designed, so maybe it wasn't the worst production, but Killer Joe was absolutely 100% an unenjoyable experience. It's bad enough that Tracy Letts saw his way clear to writing it in the first place, but how anyone can pick up this play and decide that it needs to be produced in this the year of our lord 2018, so absolutely wilfully flying in the face of international conversation, is completely beyond me and genuinely unconscionable.

Did any make you cry?
Hamlet was a bit of a weeper.

Did any make you laugh?
Miss Littlewood, and all the Shakespeares.

Which roles would you like to play in any of them?
I reckon I could do a GREAT job as one of the Joans in Miss Littlewood, and I'm always open for an interesting role in Shakespeare (GIVE ME CELIA OR GIVE ME DEATH).

Which one did you have best seats for?
I can't deny the quality of my cheap seat for Killer Joe, and we grabbed a couple of awesome standing spaces for As You Like It and Hamlet.

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